Glass Kitchen Splashbacks

As fun, enjoyable, and healthy as it is to prepare and cook food at home such activities can leave trace amounts of food and liquid matter across walls. Whether caused by overflowing pots or oils from frying pans food by-products can cause staining and discolouration over time. Since 1994 the skilled and passionate team at Procoat Painting have endeavoured to deliver a complete and personalised level of home renovation and refurbishment support services and products. Renowned for preventing the damage caused by food and water damage on kitchen walls our team can supply superior glass kitchen splashbacks for homes across Melbourne.

A viable alternative to tiled kitchen splashbacks is to have a single glass splashback installed in the desired space. Cut to size depending on the length of your kitchen glass splashbacks have a number of benefits over traditional tiled splashbacks including being a single pane, over a selection of different parts. The grout in between the tiles can also be prone to discolouration or deterioration over time, where glass splashbacks don’t have this particular issue. The glass surface is also very easy to clean and naturally repels food matter.

Coloured Glass Splashbacks

At Procoat Painting, we understand the importance of making your kitchen feel like your own. Thanks to our attention to detail and commitment to providing a complete service to our customers we proudly offer coloured glass splashbacks in a number of different styles, shades, and tones. To learn more about our outstanding range of glass splashbacks and how they can enhance the visual appeal and function of your kitchen feel free to contact us today.

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